# Quality management system ISO 9001
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Our enterprise is one of the leaders in the Russian market among the other glues and PVAc dispersion manufacturers.

In the last 15 years the company has grown into the enterprise with its own Research Laboratory, Raw Materials and Finished Products Quality Control Department, Sales Segment and Logistics Department as well as Technology Support Division. Company's experts assist in testing our products at customers’ facilities and provide technological support in introducing new materials.

The company is constantly developing and facing new challenges. Our management is investing in production seeking to make it more modern and effective. All manufacturing stages are thoroughly controlled by the experts. Thus, the company provides finished products absolute quality and their full compliance with the specifications and State Standards.

The company experts always meet customers’ demands and work for their satisfaction. Managers interact with clients regularly and are always ready to meet their requirements in case of customers’ force majeure. The production working 24/7, rapid manufacturing to order or stock shipment are possible for long-term customers. Over 15 years of successful working the company has deserved a good reputation in the market and has positive customers’ feedback. At present, our enterprise produces about 500 tons of finished products a month. 

We are team-oriented. The employees are the main value of our company, 99% of them having higher professional education in chemistry. Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology is alma-mater for most of our professionals. Many students have interned at the facility and then get a job here. Most of the employees have been working in the company for 10 years.
  • 500 tons   Mmanufactured
    per month
  • 30 people   The staff
     of the
  • 3 days   The minimum
  • Area of production 2000 metre2
  • The mode of production 24/7 around the clock

Laboratory responsibilities: 

  • Raw materials input control
  • Production step-by-step control  
  • New raw materials types approbation
  • Quality control
  • New product types development  to meet the market needs, comparative analysis of the competitive analogues product properties,  current compounds optimization

Types of research

  • Dry residue mass fraction determination;
  • Conditional viscosity determination;
  • Dynamic viscosity determination;
  • Hydrogen ion concentration index definition (pH);
  • Adhesive ability determination;
  • Residual monomer mass fraction determination;
  • Freezing and thawing cycles frost resistance determination;
  • Two-component adhesives conditional viability definition. 
  • Time gluing paper materials and adhesives open time definition;
  • Temperature activated urethane adhesive;
  • Reactivation urethane adhesive timing;
  • Isocyanate groups mass fraction determination in polyisocyanates;


  • adhesive bond heat  and frost resistance determination;
  • laminated structures delamination resistance determination;
  • variable temperatures resistance determination;
  • adhesive strength limit determination in tension along the grain;
  • adhesive bond strength determination with delamination angle of 1800;

Adhesive bonds parameters determination in finished products according to the Specifications

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