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  • 15+ years In the industrial market of Russia and CIS countries
  • 3 from days Lead time
  • 24 hours Round-the-clock mode of production
# Quality management system ISO 9001 # Products are manufactured according to GOST and TU
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15+ years in the market of Russia and CIS Countries
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About us

Umacoll is a reliable manufacturer of adhesive materials

Umacoll is a brand of PVA adhesives and dispersions that has been successfully operating in the Russian and Foreign markets for more than 15 years. During this time, the manufacturer has established itself as a reliable supplier of high-quality products. The company employs only qualified specialists. The product range is constantly expanding and it has all the necessary certificates. Product quality control is carried out at all levels of its production. The company specializes in the production of industrial adhesives and polyvinyl acetate dispersions. The products include:

  • Moisture-resistant polyvinyl acetate adhesives for wood of classes D2, D3, D4;

  • EPI system;

  • Adhesives for the manufacture of sanitary products;

  • Adhesives for coating surfaces with PVC films by membrane-vacuum pressing and lamination;

  • Adhesives for paper, cardboard, wood, MDF, plywood, etc.;

  • Polyvinyl acetate dispersions for processing woven and non-woven materials, mineral fibers, glass fibers;

  • Dispersions for the manufacture of coatings.

Company technologists can consult customers and company managers can help to choose the type of the product and provide free samples. Company engineers are aimed to meet customers’ requests to test the products and to train employees to apply them.

"Umacoll" trademark is a counterpart to such well-known adhesives brands as Kiilto, Meritin, Kleiberit and others. The products meet the highest quality standards and are distinguished by competitive prices. The company's production facilities are located in the city of Ivanovo just 300 km from Moscow that provides the most convenient delivery system throughout Russia and Abroad.

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